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Who we are

A successful team beats with one heart

Say hello to the Ummah team. A team that has come from all over the world to gather here in Kenya and change the world of Muslims.

  • Fun!
    Hyder Alhad

    Hyder is a co-founder and the team leader of Ummah.co.ke. Passionate about deen and technology, of which Ummah.co.ke is a perfect blend.

    Fun Fact: Hyder is multilingual, speaks three fluently and conversant in one more.  

  • Fun!
    Aisha Kibwana

    Aisha is Ummah's Chief English Editor and ensures that all the english written content on the site is of top most quality

    Fun Fact: Aisha has been to 20 countries all over the world! MashaAllah

  • Fun!
    Karagania Mwamlole

    Karagania is a co-founder and content manager for Ummah.co.ke. All the fantastic content you see on the site goes through him! The most chilled out guy you'll ever meet.

    Fun Fact: Kara (as he's commonly known) doesn't know, and doesn't want to know how to ride a bike!

  • Fun!
    Gemini Vaghela

    Gemini has been the resident Graphic Designer for the Ummah Team since the early days. All the amazing #jUmmahKE pictures and many of the images on social media, posters have been made by her

    Fun Fact: Gemini is also an artist check out her artwork on he facebook page here

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    Summaiya Abdillahi Osman aka Masturah

    Masturah, a nineteen year old student of finance and statistics.Who is obsessed with analysing politics and has a thing for fashion

    Fun Fact: Am the youngest member of the tea

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    Luqman Ahmed

    Luqman Ahmed is a student of economics and finance


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    Hassan Nura.

    Hassan is a co-founder of the website. He is lover of life balanced with appreciation of the deen , this makes him an awesome orator . His excellent oratory skills and a heart burning with passion makes him an influential leader at the University of Nairobi. Hassan is also a gifted poet ; the Shakespeare -kind

    Fun Fact: Hassan is super enthusiastic about football .In addition he also plays rugby, basketball and water polo just for fun

  • Fun!

    Also known as Mufy, is kind hearted, caring, rational and devoted to anything she sets her mind to. She relates excellently with children, as an advocate for positive parenting and is a passionate teacher. Mufy is dynamic and positive, don't believe? Wait for her Ted talk in shaa Allah. She has authored several articles, testimony to her amazing writing abilities

    Fun Fact: Founder of Face of Change, a company who's aim is to enlighten, educate and empower through knowledge. It currently has branches in Nairobi and Mombasa

  • Fun!
    Janice Nawal

    My name is Janice Mukenyi Muia. I reverted to Islam a year ago (from 2013) and adopted Nawal as my Arabic name. I am 18 years old and currently waiting to join campus . I love to discover Islam and reflect upon the signs of ALLAH swt. I love put it into writing and sharing it with people. In shaa ALLAH I look forward to working with you


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    Anthony Zayd Kibunja

    I am Anthony Zayd Kibunja, best referred to as ZAYD. I am aspiring to establish my own urban environmental project in Kenya, I enjoy social awareness activities, I enjoy writing about perspectives on various social and religious paradigms, and the occasional poetr


  • Fun!
    Maryam Kibunja

    My name is Maryam Kibunja and i am 51 years old (2014). I reverted to Islam slightly over ten years now. I work for One Shilling foundation and currently taking my undergraduate studies in Psychology at USIU. I am very passionate about the youth and as a result have organised many youth camps and currently working on a mentoring programme for muslim schools Inshallah


  • Fun!
    Rahma Hersi

    I am deeply interested in diverse cultures and people which has led me to travel the world to see, learn and be with my brothers and sisters in Islam as well as my brothers and sisters in humanity. I am an avid reader and consume various books and materials by the dozen. My all time favourite writer and scholar of Islam is Imam Ghazzali who lived in the 11th Century but who writes words that transcend both time and space. I have been educated both in Muslim lands and in the West and both places have shaped and made me who and what I am. My vision for myself and by extension those around me is to be more merciful, more compassionate, more understanding of each other and generally just “ more like our Blessed Prophet Muhammed , peace and blessings be upon him.”


  • Fun!
    Haytham Bhalo

    I proclaim myself to be a realist because I believe in dreams. I am a son to great parents, a husband to a wonderful wife, a Swahili man and above all, a Muslim. I believe that life is not static and that a pen is powerful; as such, I write about a variety of issues all being a reflection of the experiences I go through.

    Follow me on twitter

  • Fun!
    Farhat Abbas

    My name is Farhat Abbas, I love to cook and bake so much. I got so much passion in cooking in general; I always cook at home, I believe freshly cooked meals or homemade dishes taste best and they are much healthier than takeaway, moreover is cheaper. In addition to that, I love to eat food that looks gorgeous and taste yummy!

    instagram facebook

  • Fun!
    Ahmed Mohamed Maawy

    Is the Executive Director, M-Power (CBO) and Director, Startup Grind.


  • Fun!
    Absar Kazmi

    Absar Kazmi is the author and illustrator of "Life with the Ahmad Family" comics.


  • Fun!
    Fatuma Hirsi Mohamed

    I am an international civil servant creating value for society through the global postal system. Previously I worked in the Postal and Telecom and Media and Banking sectors enhancing corporate reputation through implementation of Marketing, PR, Business & Communication Strategies, Community and Stakeholder Relations & Development. Academically, I have an MBA in strategy and marketing, a BA (Hons) in languages and a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations. I am currently doing a PhD in Communications Studies as well as finalising an online Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies. I enjoy serving and have given of my time and expertise by serving on various boards and trusts that serve Kenyans in media, energy, education, economic empowerment and social development. I enjoy writing on topical issues that spike my interest and wish to provoke thinking and reflection with it.



Much of Ummah.co.ke's content is made by people just like you who have taken up the chance to share with the world their thoughts, work and knowledge in order to benefit others. So what are you waiting for? Check out "Work with Us" and reach out to us at content@ummah.co.ke to get your content onto the site!

​Fun Fact: You have more power and ability than you may think.