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Current Affairs

Food and water are basic needs, vital to human and animals to survive yet we still witness a great percentage of the population who are not assured of one meal let alone the required three. All the while some are enjoying excesses of life where waste of food and water is common. This gap is witnessed evidently as our brothers and sisters in Kilifi county are wreathing from the bite of severe hunger and without access to clean water in a country that is hastening to move forward it’s development agenda.

Kilifi residents are a worried lot due to the drought  that has hit the area compelling some of them  to scavenge for wild fruits not fit for human consumption. Even for these potentially life threatening morsel have to walk for long distances just to get a pluck, this directed focus to survive has taken their concentration away from the class with many children having no choice but to drop out. Children were captured on camera eating the wild fruits to silence the aching call of hunger. The news broke across the country compelling government officials to visit the area to assess the situation. They are now planning to set up  some projects  to help curb the menace.

As the plans are underway, which will obviously take a while, the question is, what can we do to ease the situation at hand? As it is, it's getting worse by the day as the residence continue to suffer the loss of livestock, dying of hunger and thirst. As you open your fridge to take out fresh food and water to eat and drink, just know that for some, food and water has become as rare as 'gold'; an unfortunate reality of the existing disparity that leaves many suffering.

My appeal to the ummah, private entities and  humanity as a whole, is to put our best foot forward and see to it that this county is fed, at least plant a seed of hope for them.  If ''Kenyans for Kenya'' worked for Turkana, it can also work for Kilifi. Life's most persistent and urgent question is'' WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR OTHERS?''     


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