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Stop and think | Blog


Do you ever just stop and look at the sky

And just sit and think about things

Just you and the sky and the clouds

Giving your thoughts some wings

Perhaps you’ve got some troubles

And don’t know what to do

Or you just plain need to get away

To spend a little time with you

Sunset beauty makes you feel as though

Your life has meaning after all

To see a sight so extraordinary

Makes you feel capable, strong and tall

It’s funny how flashes of color

Like a sunset or sunrise can inspire

It can calm your inner self a bit

It’s a scene you can never tire

The serenity gives you a chance

To put things in perspective

Life can be overwhelming at times

And a sunset can be reflective

So when the sky lights up next time

Let your gaze do some drinking

Soak up all the amazing sights

And do some sky thinking!

Photo by Moyan Brenn CC via Flickr


Aaish Khatib

January 27, 2016

Very beautiful piece sumaiya:)

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