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Chocolate-Dipped Tangerine Candy | Blog

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Editor’s Notes: Fruit is good for you. Chocolate is good for you too. My doctor, called McDoc Personal Life Experiences, tells me that the concoction of any two good ingredients is naturally, good for you too. Bringing you chocolate-dipped tangerine candy straight from Farhat’s kitchen.



Chocolate chips (of your choice)


Take a few tangerines. Wash them, peel them, and then separate the wedges.

Lay the pieces out on wax paper or a plate (the wax paper will prevent the pieces from sticking once you’ve dipped them in chocolate and refrigerated them).

Take a handful or two of chocolate chips and put them in a small microwavable bowl. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to submerge half of a tangerine wedge.

Microwave the bowl for about a minute, stir, and repeat until the chips have melted.

Be careful and watch the bowl closely as chocolate can burn quickly, rendering it useless.

Dip each wedge into the chocolate and place on the wax paper.

Once all your wedges are dipped, put them in the fridge for at least 20 to 30 minutes, or until cooled and the chocolate hardened. The pieces should come off the wax paper easily.

Serve on a plate and enjoy! But don’t be surprised if no one saves you any.

Find more of Farhat's simple, gorgeous and yummy foods, find her on her Facebook page, Farhat Yummy Food  and  her Instagram food account, Farhat Yummy Food

Photos by Mary Hutchison CC, =-.0= CC and missy CC via Flickr


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