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Travelling through Rwanda | Blog

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Our author, Travelling Muslimah, travels quite regularly. Her travels have shown her how limited information exists on the web for Muslims who would like to travel while maintaining their Islamic lifestyle, whether it be halal restaurants or Islamic-friendly activities. She has started a blog where she talks about her experiences to share with the Muslim community. You can visit her blog and she encourages her readers to add their own experiences and tips.

Rwanda has had very positive experiences with Muslims. When the 1994 genocide took place, many people were saved by hiding in Mosques and many Muslims died defending those being attacked. Al Jazeera covered this. This incredible act of bravery by Rwandan Muslims of all ethnicities has resulted in positive lives and experiences of Muslims in the small East African country where they are welcomed with open arms. Alhamdullilah, there is nothing unusual about seeing women in headscarves riding motorcycles, walking, or driving throughout the country!

I have now been to Rwanda four times, and each time I am more and more impressed by how open, tolerant, and generous the people there are. The fourth time I visited in 2014, I stayed in Nyamirambo, an older part of the city right in the middle of a very noisy area. To my delight, there were three mosques. I could walk to the mosque on Friday and all the mosques I visited had ladies’ sections, Alhamdullilah!

I suppose the only disadvantage while I was there was that not everyone understood the halal concept but there were many halal restaurants that served excellent food. Even if the halal status of the meat was unclear, the fish options were great!

I also enjoyed their Milk Bars. Rwandans love their milk, and if you go out in the evening or have a meeting, there is nothing unusual about ordering a thermos of hot fresh cow's milk or tea. This was a wonderful change since many of the countries I have been to shut their teashops by 6 or 8 pm.

What an enjoyable country to travel to as a Muslim woman, both alone and with family.

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Featured image Graham Holliday CC
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