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The Answers to our Questions? | Blog

Life Style

Let’s not ask why we’re here;

We all know the purpose of our creation.

The question is: Are we fulfilling our purpose?

Do we wake up at night to say a little prayer?

Is there a charity we donate to?

Is my hijab on more than it is off?

Do I read the Qur’an, perform my salat on time, and fast on Monday and Thursday?

We are straddling.

There’s a corner you sit in and think of how you’re ready to give up your earthly desires and commit 100% to your religion.

Unfortunately that is all it is, a mere thought, a perhaps... a ‘what if I?’ moment.

Immortality remains with fictional vampires.

Our days are numbered.

Let us commit before out time is up and regret is not just a word but a sentiment we feel oh so well.

photo credit: Commit No Nuisance (license)


Ali Abbass

February 10, 2015

" Belief is not about wishful thinking"

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