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Before it's too late | Blog

Life Style

“I need to talk to a human,” he demanded,

as he woke up from the slumber he had suspended.


“Where am I? What am I doing here?

Why does everything seems so different?”


“This is the place that you landed,

the end that you had taken for granted.


Your time with humans has ended,

so have the deeds that you had intended.


Are you ready then to talk about your deeds,

your actions and the sincerity of your creed?


This, dear human, is your gate to the hereafter

A place where you cannot dare do deeds after.”


“But please, I had not known. This is unfair...

if you had just given me one more day to prepare...


They kept saying, “your day might come next,”

but did it have to be today? I am perplexed!”


“Didn’t you know that when the decree has been set,

scream, protest, and fight but there is nothing that can be reset?


Life is indeed short

If only you had thought to sort


all the things that you needed to uphold

There was no way to keep it on hold.


Now this is the step to your everlasting home,

and whatever your deeds have been, to you will all come.”


Wake up before it’s too late and work

for a future that will not leave you in the dark.


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