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Yusuf Mapenzi Moti | Blog

Ummah ID

"Honesty is the best policy... when you're in business, that's a challenge everyday. You have to be honest. At the same time you feel being honest will actually cost your business. So what you do is you make sure your customer doesn’t lose and you do not lose your integrity and you provide the best service possible. But, at the same time when you're in business, you still always feel like you’re being dishonest. Because... I don't know why. It's weird.
If you came today to me for a diary. I tell you it will cost Ksh900 but I know where I bought it I paid maybe Ksh600. So there are some parts of me in my subconscious that feel that the most fair price would be Ksh700. So when I charge 900 am I being dishonest?

So it's about coming up with decisions that enable you to sleep at night and have peace with yourself. A balance between you being in business and not exploiting customers and always telling the truth. Maybe I should have chosen a different profession if I wanted to live by it easier! The challenge is stuck with you as a businessman.

And the benefits far surpass whatever challenges you can face. Customers will come to me and say they cannot take their business elsewhere, they feel safe with me. And that has been a drive for me personally when it comes to do business. I want us to do business and at the end of the day you feel that you got more than what you paid for."


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