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The Chase | Blog

Life Style


Her face slammed and wetness gushed out to her bewilderment

Was it tears of frustration from all the unfulfillment,

or was it blood from the knife that lodged itself deep in her heart

that had poked and scraped in places that hurt?

Her boxed dreams were gone into the dark

in the train that left as fast as Noah's ark.


She thought she had made it

even though she tried to fake it.


But the reality had just hit,

and it was simply time to quit.


She had packed all her hopes in boxes well-decorated

with dreams that spoke of how well she resonated

with what she knew she wanted

A life that was clearly stated


Similar to all of her kind

was all that she had in mind.


She did not allow herself the courage and time to think of her crime

Why was life harsh when you think you've reached the prime?


Reason was far too hard to give her some calm

so she hushed it by running and stopping the hum.


She picked herself up and without examining her past,

she ran towards the train that was moving away so fast.


"Wait for me! Now why do I feel so dumb?

Where did I go wrong, oh my heart is so numb.


Did I not meet all that was required,

or was I not worthy of the life I had admired?"


She ran for miles and days

She ran through all the seasons' rays.


The train had left her for sure

but accepting would rather be sour.


Little did she know there were many trains yet to arrive

She was afraid that without her boxes she wouldn't survive.


After running the race for miles without a break,

to stop, to think — oh she was quite a wreck.


She reached a point where the tracks were intertwined in diversions

"I'm now surely lost" and her body started the convulsions.


Out of despair she stopped and dropped her face

on the flat road that was quite a familiar surface.


She thought her life was meant to go in a certain direction

despite everything she has learned in her education.


"I kept running after my dreams that were long gone

Little did I realize I had different ones being born

While I ran I missed out that I grew a thicker skin,

and wind flowed freely through my hair and made me serene.


I met people on the way that had so much to say

What was it that they tried so hard to relay?


"Stop running," they said, "turn around and feel the breeze

Take a moment to notice the greenery right here please.”


"Thank you for your concerns, but no I can't," she had said

"My greener patch awaits for me right up ahead.”


She sighed, covered her face, and let the tears flow

It was time to erase all the pains and allow herself to glow.


She got up and looked down at herself and started to inquire

Through all the running, she had created the best body to admire.


"Oh! The wonder!" she jumped and cried out so loud

"I have become a princess!" she said it so proud.


"Look at me,” she thought to herself and examined,

"I  have become prettier than I have ever imagined!"


She turned back and raised her hand above her eyes

What was coming towards her was by far a surprise.


A first class coach was on its way towards where she stood

Was she getting on board and forgetting all she could?


"The old dreams and hopes wouldn't fit me in this form

Those stories I had in my mind were quite a the old norm."


It was only when the train stopped to pick her up that she remembered

She had heard the sounds of this train distantly as she had surrendered


to the thought that the life she wanted was in the train up ahead

and missed out on checking what laid in the moment here instead.


The passengers rejoiced to see her on board

"Finally! She stopped to join on us and claim her accord."


They held her hand and all made a grand bow,

"throw away your worries and let the wind blow.


Allow it take you to the land that most people fear,

but in it you will find life that is indeed the most dear.”


The Prophet (SAW),  the man who was informed,

had constantly shared his knowledge and had also confirmed,

that which was meant for you will reach you as intended,  

and what was not meant for you would never had landed.


So stop running after the train that has passed you and ponder,

and take time to wait for the new train which will fill you with wonder.

photo credit:
Featured image swanksalot via photopin cc
Cover image Ben Adamson via photopin cc


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