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Empowering the Muslim convert | Blog


A journal entry from a new convert

I have been a Muslim revert for eight months now. Islam is the best thing that has happened in my life.

I want to take you through some of the many difficulties a new Muslim (revert) goes through.

I joined Islam after a period of six months when I researched, read articles, observed other Muslims, and surfed the world wide web for information.

Having accepted Islam, my faith has grown everyday from “La Ilaha Illa Llah” (there is no god but Allah), to reciting surah Al-Fatiha (first chapter of the Qur’an) with difficulty, but now I can hardly go a day without reciting it five times.

New Muslim brothers and sisters struggle with knowing how to pray: please teach them.

New Muslim brothers and sisters are overwhelmed with all the knowledge and informational contributions they get from the community: give them time to learn.

Don’t try to teach a brother or sister in two weeks what took you a lifetime to learn.

New Muslim brothers and sisters want to learn Islam: help them by being good role models.

And to my new Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam, all I’d like to say is:


Yusuf Islam

photo credit: TisLARRY via photopin cc


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