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The Zakat Fund | Blog

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The word zakat is the infinitive form of the verb zaka meaning to grow, to increase and to purify. When said about a person, it means to improve or to become better. Consequently zakat means blessing, growth, cleanliness and betterment.

In the shari'ah, the word zakat refers to the determined share of wealth prescribed by Allah (SWT) to be distributed among the deserving categories of those entitled to receive it.

Zakat is a divinely ordained institution and is regarded both as a right of Allah as well as the right of the poor. In fact, an Islamic government can forcibly take Zakat from the rich if the rich withhold it.

Zakat is a fundamental pillar of Islam. The Qur'an describes the objective of taking zakat out of one’s amwal (wealth) as tathir (purification) and tazkiyah (sanctification). Tazkiyah also means material and/or spiritual growth.

Yet, how many of us really have a proper understanding of zakat and workings of the system behind it? Has the zakat system really been working in Kenya? Thus the founding of the the Zakat Fund.

It is the first full time fund in Kenya that is dedicated to the education, collection, distribution and management of Zakat-ul-Maal, Zakat-ul-Fitr, Waqf, Sadaka, Kafara etc.

While the propagating of the zakat as a pillar of Islam is one of the core objectives, the fund will also offer services of guiding what is payable as zakat and how to do it. Zakat will also be collected and distributed by the organization. The fund has also been set up in a manner for it to distribute all the cash that is given to it for Zakat so as to achieve maximum impact. 

A secretariat will perform the Zakat Funds functions at the Funds’ office in Masjid As Salaam (please see contact details below). Do you have any questions, queries, or feedback? Interact with Zakat Fund on twitter (@ZakatFund1), email (via zakatfund.ke@gmail.com), or by contacting them directly using the telephone number and mailing address below: Masjid As Salaam Muhoho Avenue, Mugoya, South C, P.O. Box:16481, 00610, Nairobi, Kenya. Phone: +254 719 500 202 Additional information can be found on their website at www.zakat.co.ke


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