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6. Shaykh Faysal bin Ali bin Abdalla Al-Laami | Blog


The following is an extract from an upcoming book by Dr. Abdulkadir Hashim, Senior Lecturer in Sharia & Islamic Studies and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, which will cover Muslim intellectual contributions along the East African coast.

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1. Sayyid Umar bin Amin
2. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Muslim (Mselem) al-Amiri
3. Shaykh Abubakar ibn Muhammad ibn Abubakar Al-Maawi (Bwenye Kai)
4. Shaykh Ali bin Abdalla bin Nafi’i bin Abdalla al-Mazrui
5. Sayyid Abubakar bin Abdulrahman (Mwenye Mansab)


6. Shaykh Faysal bin Ali bin Abdalla Al-Laami


Shaykh Faysal was born in Lamu in 1261 AH /1845 AD and died in Lamu on the 1st of Jamad-ul-Awwal, 1336 AH/12th  of February, 1918.


Shaykh Abubakar bin Shaykh Muhammad (Bwenye Kai) was Shaykh Faysal’s main teacher. He mentored Shaykh Faysal and advised him to travel to Mecca and Medina for further studies. Shaykh Faysal travelled to Saudi Arabia and studied in Madina for around 22 years.  


After completing his studies in Medina, Shaykh Faysal returned to Lamu where he settled. Shaykh Faysal’s was known to avoid controversies. On cases where he differed in opinion with his fellow scholars at the Riyadha in Lamu, he did not engage in controversial debates. To avoid controversies with his opponents, Shaykh Faysal left Lamu Island and settled in Shela.  Shaykh Faysal is considered to be among the pioneers of Ansar Al-Sunnah (People of the Sunnah) in Shela and Lamu.  


Shaykh Faysal was requested to be a Kadhi in Lamu by the British Governor at the time during the latter's trip to Lamu.  Shaykh Faysal declined and instead recommended his student Sayyid Abdalla bin Ahmad Al-Ahdal (Mwenye Abdalla kadhi) to be appointed as a Kadhi in Lamu.


Shaykh Faysal taught a generation of scholars in Lamu. Some of his students were Sayyid Aidarus bin Sayyid Swaleh Jamal Al-Lyl, Sayyid Ahmad Badawi bin Sayyid Swaleh Jamal Al-Lyl (Mwenye Badawi), Sayyid Muhammad Abdalla Al-Rudaini, Shaykh Muhammad Maawy, Shaykh Abdalla bin Muhammad (Bwana Abdalla Imamu), Sayyid Muhammad Adnan Al-Ahdali and Shaykh Bereki. He also taught prominent kadhis such as Sayyid Abdalla bin Ahmad Al-Ahdal, (Mwenye Abdalla kadhi), Sayyid Muhammad Abdalla Al-Rudaini, Sayyid Ali Ahmad Badawi, Shaykh Abdulmajid Zahran and Shaykh Muhammad bin Jambeni Muhammad Jambeni.


Sayyid Ahmad Badawi (Mwenye Badawi) was seen going to Shela, after every Dhuhr prayer, to study under Shaykh Faysal.


Shaykh Faysal held darsas (Islamic lectures) at Masjid Nuru in Lamu and Shela after Dhuhr prayers.




Harith Swaleh, (Ramadhan 1425/2004). Chaguo la Wanavyuoni, Mombasa: Bajaber Printing Press.



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