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3. Shaykh Abubakar ibn Muhammad (Bwenye Kai) | Blog


The following is an extract from an upcoming book by Dr. Abdulkadir Hashim, Senior Lecturer in Sharia & Islamic Studies and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, which will cover Muslim intellectual contributions along the East African coast.

View extracts chronologically by clicking below:

1. Sayyid Umar bin Amin
2. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Muslim (Mselem) al-Amiri
3. Shaykh Abubakar ibn Muhammad ibn Abubakar Al-Maawi (Bwenye Kai)
4. Shaykh Ali bin Abdalla bin Nafi’i bin Abdalla al-Mazrui


3. Shaykh Abubakar ibn Muhammad ibn Abubakar Al-Maawi (Bwenye Kai)

Little has been written on the background of Bwenye Kai.

Shaykh Bwenye Kai’s main teacher was his father, Muhammad ibn Abubakar al-Maawi (Inyekai Mkuu). Shaykh Bwenye Kai was also taught by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Fadhil Al-Bakri of Lamu who had studied in Medina for thirty three years. Among his other teachers were Sayyid Abdurahman ibn Ahmad al-Husaini and Shaykh Abu Bakr ibn Salim.

Some of Shaykh Bwenye Kai’s students include: Habib Swaleh Jamal Al-Lyl, Shaykh Abdalla Bakathir, Shaykh Alī ibn Muhammad Abu Bakr Al-Maawi, Shaykh Faysal ibn Ali ibn Abdalla Al-Lami and Sayyid Abdalla ibn Ahmad Al-Ahdal (Mwenye Abdalla Kadhi).


Harith Swaleh, Chaguo la Wanavyuoni, Mombasa: Bajaber Printing Press, (Ramadhan 1425/2004).


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