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Tavuk Göğsü Recipe

Serves 5

Editor’s Note: Tavuk Göğsü is Turkish for ‘Chicken Breast’. It’s a dessert pudding made with chicken and milk that was once very popular with the Ottoman rulers. People rarely associate meat with sweet but if you’ve ever had bokoboko, also known as harees, with sugar, then you know it’s quite a delicious combination. Our very own Nawal presents you with this modified vegetarian version of Tavuk Göğsü that you can enjoy any day, and especially on those hot days. Try this dessert if you don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.


1 cup of flour (use a drinking glass to measure) 

1 litre of milk

1 cup of sugar (use a drinking glass)

2 tablespoons of butter

Gum drops (optional)

Strawberries, kiwis or any fruit you have available



Pour one litre of milk in a sauce pot. Then add your sugar and your flour and start mixing for about 3 minutes.

Place the sauce pan over medium-low heat while mixing properly (do not use high heat otherwise the contents will stick to the pot). Don't stop stirring.

Don't get it stuck... Don't get it stuck...

Add two tablespoons of butter once the mixture starts to boil. If you have gum drops, you can add one at this point.

Pour the mixture into a glass baking dish.

Put the dish on the counter as you prepare your fruits. I chopped my strawberries as illustrated below:

Top your mixture with the chopped fruits. You can use a variety of fruits and seal them with chocolate or do a simple shape. I shaped my strawberries into a heart.

When you are done, refrigerate the dish for a minimum of one hour before serving.

It's great for people who don't eat eggs and are starved of quality desserts (literally!) Enjoy it alone (no judgment) or with friends (if you love them enough). It’s so tasty and simple you’ll be finding yourself making it often.


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