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Ongoing persecution of Ethiopian Muslims | Blog

Current Affairs

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you have it the worst…until you look around.

Freedom has increasingly been restricted for Muslims in Kenya, but our situation is still “liveable”. The situation for Muslims in Ethiopia is borderline unlivable.

A report from First Hijrah Foundation, an organization of Ethiopian Muslims based in Washington, D.C, revealed that just last month during Ramadan, Muslims came under unprovoked attack by Ethiopian security forces during Friday congregational prayer at The Grand Anwar Mosque.

According to the report, “thousands were loaded onto trucks and taken to prisons and jails around Addis Ababa. The Federal police officers were seen lobbing tear gases inside the
mosque compound yet they sealed the exits preventing those inside the mosque affected by the tear gas from leaving.” This is happening in the very first country Muslims found refuge during the Prophet’s lifetime.

First Hijrah Foundation has been peacefully advocating for an end to the persecution. To support the organization, join their Facebook Page for updates and additional information.


photo credit: Boyznberry via photopin cc


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