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Marijuana: Part 2 | Blog

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Marijuana: Part 2


(Is it really all that?)

 Marijuana - ummah.co.ke

In the beginning, there was a plant. And the plant was marijuana. And then marijuana was a drug.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of studies conducted in the quest to find out the scientific effects of marijuana on the brain. A lot of very interesting discoveries have been made.

Like many other countries, Kenya has many marijuana users — muslims and non-muslims alike. As a drug, it is considered to be illegal and though I cannot reference an opinion survey, chances are that the general public attitude is anti-bhang. Have any doubts? Do test your parents on the matter and find out how quickly you end up homeless...Not to say that we are encouraging any illicit drug consumption...

Overall, the islamic consensus is that drug usage is haraam but many are divided on the issue on exactly what is considered haraam and what isn’t based on the effects of the drugs.

Though given that it is a frequently used drug, not many here really know how the drug works and what its effects are even though everyone seems to have a strong opinion about it.

Different parties form different opinions — to advocate for or fight against it. There is a lot of scientific information available to aid one in arriving at an educated opinion about the issue.

How marijuana works

How it works

The active ingredient in marijuana is known as THC. In the brain, the active ingredient causes pleasure, uncoordinated movement, altered memory/thought/concentration and perception of time. One can experience delusions, hallucinations, disorientation, and impaired memory.

The effects of marijuana on the body


1.  Addiction or dependence

2.  Problems with breathing/respiration

3.   Heart diseases

4.   Increased risk of road accidents

5.   Adverse effects on the mental and social development of adolescents with regular use

Marijuana usage is especially damaging to non-adult users because their brains are still developing.


Even though many people say that marijuana is not addictive, which is true because it isn’t physiologically addictive, many often end up dependent and cannot do without it. Translation: Call it whatever you want, but if you can’t do without the drug then it’s controlling you and not the other way around.

Pick a side!

Either you think that marijuana is good or bad (for you). Personally, I think it would be very bad for me. Marijuana undoubtedly has a lot of good qualities and its fair share of bad ones as well. Again, I’m not advocating for or against the matter but let’s be honest, we live in a world where people like to experiment. Therefore, it makes more sense to get educated on the matter if people are to form such strong opinions.

My opinion on the issue (because that’s all that it is) is that one should not go into a dark hole legs first. Do your research first, especially if you do choose to use it:

  • Has there been any history of any mental illnesses in my family? (you should probably steer clear)

  • Do I know my limits?

  • Do I have a tendency to have a grip on my habits, or is it them that usually have their grip on me?

  • Which strains are said to have the worst effects? (better to avoid them)


If you do find yourself using it but are unsure, never be afraid to ask someone who you’re sure will offer you help without judgement.




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