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You only live once | Blog



Some people spend their entire lives

searching for a miracle, but the gift of life


itself is the single greatest reward;


no matter how many times you get


knocked down, you must get back up


and keep moving forward.


Some people live in a house full of broken mirrors after dealing with a past full of


pain and rejection;


the darkness can consume your heart


after spending endless nights fighting with


your own reflection.


Love can make you or break you


Its crazy how four simple letters can


make or break your heart


With love in your life you will feel


unbreakable, but without it your


dreams will crumble before your


eyes and fall apart.


But no matter what life throws


your way, you must keep your vision


set firmly on the prize.


Life is full of so many hellos,


but it is also full of so many goodbyes.


What doesn’t kill you only


makes you stronger


Life is a one time event, so


never put your dreams on hold;


we never know if


tomorrow will be too late.


Our master plan has already been




some will call this destiny, and some


will call this fate.


With this pen I have travelled through


the stars, as I tried desperately to unravel


life’s hidden mystery


Thousands of verses now on a page,


which means I have


nearly finished rewriting history.


A million memories have now been


sealed in ink;


a billion dreams now all locked away


and stored.


I don’t know what the future has in


store for me,


But there is one thing I do know,


and that is:


no matter what, I must

keep moving forward.


photo credit: Lucky Cavey  via photopin (creative commons licence)


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