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To my children:

On those days when you see me becoming old, weak, and weary, have patience and try to understand and acknowledge the situation I am in.

If I get dirty when eating or cannot dress up on my own, please bear with me and remember the times I spent feeding and dressing you up.

If, when I speak to you, I repeat the same things over and over again, do not interrupt me. Listen to me; don’t get bored. When you were small, I listened to your same stories a thousand times. Do you remember when I had to chase you with your thousand excuses to get you to the shower?

Some day, you will realize that despite my mistakes, I always wanted the best for you and I tried to prepare the way for you. You must not feel sad, angry or ashamed of my current situation. Instead, try to understand me, love me and help me like I did when you were very young.

Lend me your hands and help me walk again. Help me live the rest of my life peacefully with love and dignity. I will pay you with a smile, prayers and the immense love I have always had for you in my heart.

I love you, my kids.

Your loving father,


Mbarak Salim Mbarak

photo credit: TempusVolat via photopin cc


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