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My Unborn Child | Blog

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The following is the experience of an anonymous sister...

My Unborn Child

By Anonymous- The Muslim Girl
This is my story—this is my conviction in honesty. I know the burden shall always remain, but I am here to share my tale. I will not give you the Islamic facts- we know them all. I will give you my experience altogether.
In her homeland, with her freedom,
she let him touch her- she let him caress her.
The Muslim girl, the girl that managed to remain pure for 18 years
did the unseen, did the untold.
Once it’s happened- you can’t stop it.
The love began to fade,
the agitation took control
One fight after the other they tried to make it work

It wasn’t a bed of roses to begin with
it only got worse when the results were positive
6 weeks pregnant- was she to smile?
The Muslim girl that was already tainted
did the unseen, did the untold
Society will mock
and the fire awaits
Angels scorn and
Allah disappointed
Perplexed, hurt, lost
What has she done?!
Emotional support was difficult to achieve
abortion was the choice
Just a hug she needed- just her tears wiped
But they grew further apart
So much for the love
So much for the faith
She remembers a wise person’s words
if it’s not halaal to begin with
it has no blessing from within
Zinaa is the rightful word
Topped up with murder.
She remains alone
as he is on to another
She could have stopped it
She thought her Iman was stronger
She is a monster- she is weak

I remain with the pain and burden of sin
Every child I see I think of what name I could give
My unborn child- gone forever
Doctors say the damage done was not so clever
love? Not interested
child? May never have
husband? It will be a settlement

I take this chance
to share my story
to ask for forgiveness
To Allah, and
to the father.
I couldn’t forgive me…
Allah perhaps may
The Most Gracious,
The Most Merciful.

photo credit: Mike Chen aka Full Time Taekwondo Dad via photopin cc


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