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Lessons from my first Ramadhan part 2 | Blog


Time waits for no man, time is a mirage sipping like sand through your fingers nothing you can possess and claim, you think you have it well you don't. For instance yesterday was 2009, I was a "mono" today it is May 2014 I could recap all the things that had happened between now and then but among the best that could warm my heart despite the weather  was the second part of Ramadan.
From my previous "sleeping on the floor" experience I had certainly learned to take my suhoor seriously. I would wake up every morning on time Alhamdulillah have something to eat, this was actually a big blessing; whenever I woke up for suhoor I was able to pray tahajjud and read the Quran by the time I would be done it would be fajr, I Not only prayed fajr on time but I was actually able to do my morning athkar it was a blessing in disguise. I learned to manage my time I wouldn't stay up late surfing or reading novels, no matter how useful they would seem, I would go to bed on time. In my mind it was all about the suhoor but actually organizing my time drew me close to Allah truly time management is an important part of a believer as described in the Quran:

"1. By time 
2. Indeed, mankind is in loss 
3. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience"
Noble Quran, Surat al -'Asr 
This emphasizes on the fact that time is a blessing for the believer doing righteous deeds. Otherwise man is in loss by time.

I didn't even notice but slowly I became a more effective person, I would do my chores on time, keep my appointments and even attend darsas in the local masjid. It was just a matter of organizing my time with the help of Allah it would determine whether I was a loser or not, that is a lesson I truly treasure. SubhanAllah imagine our end if we don’t manage our time to do our acts of worship properly. 
One Sunday I was home alone, my friend who lives not so far from me called to invite me to her place for iftar. I accepted the offer and by Maghreb time I got to their estate, alhamdulillah. I can recall how amazing it was to share the iftar with my fellow Muslims knowing we had all fasted together. I had seen some of the Sisters there probably once, so we could cement our relationship after eating. Iftar together is a very good way to bond with fellow Muslims in your neighborhood.

To summarize, the lessons learned was the importance of time management and a new way of bonding with Muslims in any neighborhood. By now I was in love with Ramadan even more, little did I know this was just but the tip of the iceberg, the best was saved for last. 


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