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To Him we belong and to Him is our return | Blog


 It remains a dilemma to many- is there a way of coping with losing a loved one- perhaps a book or some therapy?

Narrating a personal story- I lost one of my relatives recently among many; he was my uncle. He was a smart, energetic and down to earth with everyone. So calm and collected was his character, he also possessed great wit to go in hand with his hardworking nature. He succumbed to diabetes in his final years, nonetheless he looked as fit as can be.

  His death came to me as a surprise- his nature never gave away his state and I never saw it coming. Much as it is natural- no one sees death come their way, his case was unbelievable as he was in perfect health it seemed.  Where some people psychologically prepare themselves for death especially when diagnosed with a serious illness, my uncle was never once in that kind of situation despite having diabetes.

  On the day of his death, he complained of feeling nauseous and asked to be taken to the hospital. Unfortunately before the doctors could attend to him, he passed on. It is considered wise to always prepare for the worse. In spite of the fact that we are all destined to leave this world, the shock and pain that comes when we lose a loved is at times too much to handle. We are filled with questions such as how and why they left as it dawns on us that we shall never see that person again. This sometimes hits us with regret that perhaps we could have done more for that person, shared more times, respected more and talked more.

 The mixed emotions leave us empty. But this reminds us that this life does not belong to us forever. It is a reality check that no matter what we do in this dunya, what we earn and how we live is not permanent because we leave it all behind when we return to our Lord. For truly to Him we belong and to Him is our return. May death find us in a state where He will be pleased with us and may death come easy to us all. Ameen.

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