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The Poet and the Prophets 6 | Blog

Life Style

Umar (r.a) once said, if we were but 300 strong,
To this they religion they all belong,
They would leave it for us or we would leave it for them,
When Badr came it was indeed the same,
As Umar (r.a) had seen it long before,
Allah always has something in store,
For the believers whose iman runs deep in their core,

He sent down angels to assist,
The 300 men who were firm to resist,
Idol worship and other gods,
They finally broke free against all odds,
Muhammad (saw) their guide to the path,
That would grant them success in heaven and on earth,

The prophet (saw) sat inside his tent,
Greatly out-numbered Rasul (saw) wept,
Praying for victory for Islam,
Almighty Allah then made him calm,
He sent down angels lead by Jibril,
The Quraish froze, they stood still,

As Allah gave victory to our side,
The ones who stood strong to abide,
By the laws sent down by Allah.
Allah always keeps his promise, just stay strong and pray. 


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