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Mother's day | Blog


"Happy mother's day! Can you believe its already that time of the year again?! Oh and Good morning!," grinned the administrator at my daughter's school this morning.

"Already? How many mother's days are there in a year?" I gasped and made a mental note to jot down the date somewhere just so I can say "Ha!" next time "We've already had several this year."

Aren't our moms special everyday of the week, of the month and year? Certainly my relation with mother dearest is far bigger and far richer than a box of chocolate and a rushed message jotted on card several times a year, the rate at which mother's day seem to come. If mother's day comes once a year, then I must have a third ear.

It is one of the several traditions that markets exploit The flock that follows the crowd without questioning risk sleep walking into a cliff of religious abomination. The history of mother's day has its roots in ancient Greek spring festival dedicated to honour Rhea the mother or many deities of the Greek mythology, the "gods" like Zeus and his children. The Romans also celebrated Hilaria in spring festival dedicated to celebrating mother Cybele, "a goddess". Early Christians also celebrated in honour of Virgin Mary on the fourth Sunday of lent, this was later expanded to include all mothers and named "Mothering Sunday" in England.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother who was a peace activist. This was what was later stretched and practiced worldwide. Anna however wasn't quite pleased with how commercialized the day turned out to be. All she wanted it to be was a day to honour your mother by writing a handwritten letter.

Relations with our mothers transcend social engineering by retailers seeking to boost their sales, it transcends the restriction of time and of season. It defies societal limits, Allah SWT accorded them the highest of honours by placing Jannah under her feet and its there that we should seek our blessing from, not with some hastily wrapped superficial gift but with love, a kiss planted on her cheek, a hug, a kind word and humility.

Everyday of every minute should, besides Allah SWT, belong to our mothers. How insignificant, how inadequate a single day is....

Happy Mother's day, today, tomorrow and everyday! 

photo credit: travelmeasia via photopin cc


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