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Are you living your day today? | Blog


It’s early Wednesday morning; the sun shines brightly casting dark shadows on the school courtyard. I am excited about this duty as I get to see the students walk in. I walk over to the little hill we call ‘Mount Bradenton,’ ready to welcome the wonderful children of our school. I take a deep breath and the perfect temperature allows me to indulge into the ambience. The grass on the little hill looks so fresh with dew on it- an indication to the bloom of this day. As the cool breeze kisses my face, I take a deep breath close my eyes and exhale all the thoughts away- today, I am going to be tuned into my day.

Yesterday, I watched a short clip that encourages everyone to “Look up” and that is exactly what I intend to do today. I am going to look up and enjoy the beauty of the day; I am going to look up so that the students can look up and enjoy their day too. Today, I am going to look up from my phone and just appreciate the gift of the day.

I position myself at a place where I can see every student that comes in. I ensure I am out of their way. I sit down and I am ready to welcome the souls that each day reminds me of the importance of living in the moment- living in today.

As I sit there, the students start trickling in. Each child’s face, shoulders and lips painted a different story. Each one’s expression is jubilant with joy for what awaits.

I am first greeted by a cheerful mother of three. She walks in holding the hand of one of her blond haired girls singing Frosty the Snowman. She waves as she shares some of her enthusiasm with me, “Hi! We have been singing Christmas songs all morning to school today” she says to me. How ironic, what a bright and warm day to be thinking about Christmas, and aren’t we in the month of May? I give her a puzzled look with a smirk and wave back, “You look happy today” I respond. I appreciate the little positivity she shares with me as she crosses the courtyard almost bouncing on her way to drop off her little angels to class.

Many students walk in a few among them stand and reach for my attention. As I look at the groups of children walking in, I can’t help but notice two girls, Hasina and TANIA walking with the bus assistant each holding a hand.  Hasina says to her grumpy looking friend Tania, “You don’t want to be my friend?” and they trot off to class having an argument that Tania seems least bothered in.

The next precious being is a beautiful Chinese girl that comes running to me for a hug. “Good morning Ms. Mufida,” she says. I feel her tiny arms around me and get the fruity scent of her just washed hair. I pat her head and say, “Have a good day today Zhe.”

When I look up I find an adorable little boy – Ahmad, accompanied by his elder sister. “Assalamu alaikum Ms Mufida,” she greets me, “Look Ahmed doesn’t want to speak Arabic,” she says. Ahmed looks up between his beautifully combed jet-black hair that covers his eyes and says, “You don’t teach me.” I do not involve myself and just observe with a smile. Before they leave, Mariam promises to teach her little brother Arabic the way he wants to be taught.

After a few minutes, I notice three high school girls seated on the bench. I walk over to them and ask them to head to class. “Miss, we are waiting for someone,” they say simultaneously. “I know you are but maybe you can take small paces on your way to class and she can catch up with you,” I suggest.

Some children pass by me; they let their heads hang between their shoulders clearly deep in thought. Others embrace the day looking straight up and making an effort to share their smiles and energy with people around them. It gets clear to me what kind of a day these children were going to have today.  I realize the importance of the attitude we have every morning. Just 15 minutes have passed, and I have managed to pick up on several life lessons.

I learned that some people live in the moment, ready to explore their day. Their heads are held up and they are full of confidence. They are almost at a skipping pace ready to face their day. They radiate joy and enthusiasm, and wonderfully share it with everyone around them. They take time to notice people and things on the way.

The cheerful parent taught me a lesson too. In order to have a good day, we need to create it. Bring in the good feeling. Who cares which month or day it is; it is another day and this day can be whatever day we want it to be. Basically, she taught me to carry my personal calendar and weather wherever I am.

I noticed that some kids base their day on others; they are so concerned about what others think and whether or not others accept them. Some wouldn’t move on with their day unless others accompany them. This has taught me that being in touch with ourselves and having self-acceptance is a form of peace that we all deserve and should give ourselves every day.

Today I learned that I do not need to slow down to wait for others to catch up. Today is my day and I will make it mine. I shall be in control of my day and I will not allow others to control it for me. I will be a driving force and I will make it my show, after all, I am the starring of my day.

Let’s take the time to think, reflect and decide on what kind of day we all want to have and deserve to have. 

photo credit: Photosightfaces via photopin cc


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