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Don't be selfish | Blog


If I were to be a car…

I would have desired to be a Ferrari.

A fine car- so poised and elegant

Dominant on harsh terrain. Bursts out at a rubber burning speed, with a

Streamline shape that cuts through the wind

Giving it utmost stealth and silence. It accelerates from stand still to top speeds

Within split seconds, and with sharp instant

Brakes can decelerate even faster. A true work of art made to precision; a splendid

Interior with leather seats, absolutely cozy; a paint job like no other; beauty that baffles and reams that shine, bringing out a

Statement of utmost class. Beneath the trunk lies an engine that holds

Immense horse power, a slight roaring

Sound and burnished- clarity to its great

Engineering. Testimony to all this lies at the front center- the

Standing stallion as its logo; a mark of pride

And a signature of its Italian origin,

A masterpiece right?

Sadly it’s a two seat car, selfish in its

Nature, and that’s not what I want to be. I would rather be a van or a spacious station


Wagon, quite slow but we'll get there, all of

Us. Though not a Ferrari, it has the nature to accommodate.

The society has given a lot to us, let’s give back to

The society

Be of it, from it, for it

Work for all do not be


photo credit: Joshua Singh Photography via photopin cc
and  friskierisky via photopin cc


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