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 Assalamu aleikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. Brothers and sisters, have you ever taken your time to contemplate about death? Do we really understand” DEATH” and it’s impact? We all know that every soul shall taste death and Allah says ”Every soul shall taste death…And we test you with evil and good as trial; and to us you will be returned”{Anbiya:35}Allah has given us free will to choose. We have been given the whole package and we have been enlightened on the DO’s and DON’Ts, plus the reward and penalties. Brothers and sisters, what have we chosen? Remember that we are all heading towards the final destination. It is a very long journey and we ought to prepare thoroughly for no one knows when malakul maut will come knocking at your door.

   Now the big question is, ”WHAT IF YOU KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO DIE TOMORROW? ”what would you do?, what would you change?, how would you behave?, would you run away?, or would you just stay at home and wait for death to come? Brothers and sisters, this is terrifying but it is the reality that we have to face. After finding the answers to the questions above, you will know if you are ready to meet Allah or not. Nonetheless, whether we are ready to meet Allah or not, when our time comes, we will have to meet Him. Brothers and sisters ,when that time comes, every deed will be revealed to us, let’s  assume  I am 30 years old, all my deeds since I attained puberty will be revealed to me. Now let’s do the math, how many sins did we commit yesterday? What about two days ago, last week, last month, last year? Can we really remember? Of course not! But that moment, that very moment when the angel of death will be taking away your soul out of your body, you will see everything that you did in this dunya and if they were good deeds, you will love to meet Allah and your soul will be taken away with ease…Inshaallah! But if your deeds were evil, you will hate to meet Allah and you will wish to be given even one second to repent, but it will be too late. Life will be squeezed out of your body, you will not be able to do anything, no one will save you and you will feel like thorns and nails are being pulled out of your throat.{May Allah protect us all from that torment}

     Brothers and sisters, death is a reality that we must come to terms with. We can neither hide nor postponed it…and Allah says “WHERESOEVER YOU MAY BE,DEATH WILL OVERTAKE YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE IN THE FORTRESSES BUILT UP STRONG  AND  HIGH!”{Al-Quran 4:78}This phrase “WHAT IF” should linger in our minds every time we are about to do something unlawful. Every time you want to go clubbing, commit zina, do shirk, backbite, steal and all the deeds that Allah azzawajal has forbidden, ask yourself, ”WHAT IF  I DIE TODAY AND NOW”? What will I present to Allah? This is because it doesn’t end there, in fact death is just the beginning of that journey; remember there is the punishment of the grave which according to the teachings of the quran and sunna, the punishment of the grave will be continuous till the day of judgment. Just imagine the pain that you feel when a little thorn pricks you, and when you are burnt by a mere steam, you can’t bear it right? So ask yourself, what about the punishment of the grave? And what about the hell fire? Can we bare it? Allah says ,”And say :The truth is from your lord, so let him who please believe, and let him who please disbelieve; surely we have prepared for the iniquitous a fire, the curtains of which shall encompass them about; and if they call for relief with water like molten brass which will scald their  faces; evil the drink and ill the resting place.{Al-Kahf-29}May Allah protect us from hell fire.

    Brothers and sisters, how many people in your family have died? What about you’re relatives, friends and all people that you knew? They are in their graves right, and we have probably forgotten about them! Have you ever asked yourself what is really happening to them down there? When we go to the funerals what does it remind us of? Do we really know what the deceased is going through at that moment? The least we need to do is to pray for them and pray for ourselves but instead, you see some us  telling stories at the funeral and laughing as if everything is fine, some take advantage of the gathering to talk ill about others …Subhanallah! It’s fine that we are still alive alhamdulilla and we are at liberty to do anything that we want but remember that one day, you will be at that person’s place, you will be washed, shrouded, you will be prayed for and carried to the grave and buried. You will be left alone and only then will  you understand the real definition of death. That is the place where only your good deeds will save you. Everyone is afraid of death…at least I am! That is why if you want to be the most cleaver and emerge victorious, please brothers and sisters, let us prepare for death. Let us do what we have to do. If you have not been praying, start today because procrastination is the thief of time and we might have everything but “time” my dear brothers and sisters. Allah says,” The competition in this world deludes you until you visit your graveyards, no! You are going to know, then no! You are going to know, no! if you only knew with knowledge of certainty, you will surely see the hell fire, then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty, then you will surely be asked that day about pleasure.{AL-Takathur}

    Brothers and sisters, it is not easy but let us just try to earn the pleasure of Allah for He see all our efforts and inshaallah he will protect us. We should think of death every day and pray to Allah to protect us from the punishment of the grave and let us try to read the holy quran and memorize suratul-MULK for it will act as the guardian angel in our graves inshaallah. Reported by Hazrat Abu Huraira,The prophet {p.b.u.h} said: ”THE QURAN CONTAINS A SURAH OF THIRTY VERSES WHICH WILL INTERCEDE FOR A MAN UNTIL HE IS FORGIVEN,AND THAT IS:TABARAKALADHI BIADIHIL MULK”{sunan Abu Dawud, Book 6, no 1395} If you can please recite the surah every day before you go to sleep. And whenever you hear of fire, pray to Allah to protect you from hell fire. Every time you think of a good deed, do it for you never know, maybe that small deed will be the one to take you to Jannah, and if you think of doing a bad deed, please refrain from it no matter how small it is for that maybe the one to take you to Jahannam.{Allahuma ajirna minal nnaar}.We have to fight our nafs and shaitwan for us to succeed, it is not an easy task but we have to die trying. Allah says, ”AND SEEK HELP THROUGH  PATIENCE AND PRAYER AND INDEED IT IS DIFFICULT EXCEPT FOR THE HUMBLY SUBMISSIVE TO ALLAH”{Al Baqara-45}May Allah make it easier for us at the time of our death and enable us to utter qalimah, LAILAHA ILLA LLAH MUHAMMADU RASULULLAH….Ameen!

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