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Life Style

She puts on her shawl, which flows down like a waterfall to her waist,
Her hair, her body, her neck to the ankle covered by a long cloth may seem a waste.
The mystery is itchy, suspense is intense
They say she dresses ancient, her clothing is past tense.
You can't tell who she is, all you feel is fizzy and tense.

Her clothing defines her, the modesty and simplicity,
You can hardly know who she is, lost in nail-biting anxiety,
To me beauty is not based on how much you expose,
I base an interest on how much you keep under close,
Let me first try to give you an analogy,
If women were based deep in the sea,
I would work my fingers off to catch the ones from shore that I couldn't see,
The ones I would search and swim to find
I would give it my all, all my senses combined
But the ones so close and easily near,
I wouldn't dare get them easy ones, ‘coz I like challenges, hope that's clear,
She is insulted, degraded, often isolated,
They claim her rights are harshly violated,
They claim she lacks intelligence; “she’s just backwards and deviated,”
Not to me she's not, in my eyes she is elevated,
But who cares what I think, what of the Most High?
His glory’s so great it gives my heart a sigh,
In His eyes she is of rank and class,
Her level is high, many others will not surpass,
I think my message is clear no need to repeat,
It’s not like we don't get the message unless we are buried in deceit,
Don’t give up oh ancient one with your long clothing,
Even if they find it backwards –supposing–
What can they do? You’re decency got them talking,
Don't be afraid, don't hesitate, just keep on walking,
It may be true, from a far you look like a heap in motion,
All covered up, repelling dudes, raising caution,
But worry not, my Creator's creation,
The Most High sees clear your intention,
For it is true, for every deed is it's intention,
So fear not "ancient one" just keep walking.

photo credit: FaceMePLS (edited for the site) via photopin cc


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