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You are not Alone | Blog


You are a human being, in need of love and attention who lives in hopes of finding your life partner. Society treats you as if you are incomplete because you have not tied the knot. "Are you not married?" they ask, "May Allah send you someone soon," others add. I know you live in hopes of finding your partner soon but days, months and years pass and you still haven't managed to find the right person for you.

The problem is that the wait is taking a toll on you. Each night you toss and turn in bed feeling a void in your life. For months and years, you live feeling as if life would be better if you had a husband and children. Maybe you would have had a happy household and you and your partner would have been madly in love.

Your friends are constantly busy, your younger cousins are getting married before you. You keep wondering how you can keep going on in life feeling as lonely as you do.

I want to remind you of a few situations you have witnessed and hope that you can see some wisdom in it. I am sure you have met some married couples who talk about being lonely and single people who felt happy and complete with their lives. I know you have met people who seem to have many friends but still feel lonely and others who live alone enjoying their lives.

My mentor once told me, "loneliness is a state of mind" and she asked me "who deserves your friendship, love and affection more than yourself?" She told me I couldn't get rid of the lonely feeling unless I started befriending myself. "At the end of the day, you have no one but yourself," she said.

Society has changed, globalization has affected us and we live away from those that consider us potential partners. This is what I kept trying so hard to convince people who had not found life partners. Many told me they had a plan to get married and already have a family to take care of.

As I thought more about it and listened to the advice I was giving them, I had no option but to stop myself and use a more mature way of thinking.

Yes, we have plans, but Allah is a best of planners. Why would we think that our plan would have been better than what Allah has in store for us?

So I decided to tell my friends that it was time to befriend ourselves, wouldn't you like to see what it feels like to be your own friend?

It is time for us to stop checking our mails, facebook and whatsapp as often as we do and time to focus on giving ourselves undivided attention.

It is time to consider Allah as a friend and to turn to Him whenever we need companionship.

Do not worry nor give up hope. Allah has a plan for you. It could be that you will find a partner of your dreams or that you will make a change in the society. The thing is though, that we don't know the plan and it is time to stop limiting ourselves and our decisions in hopes for a different scenario.

Alhamdulillah we are where we are in life right now. Alhamdulila that life is going according to His plan.

photo credit: Randi Scott


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