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Allah is the Ultimate Decision Maker | Blog


Peace be upon you all. Brothers and sisters, we always feel like we have the power to make things happen and when things don’t happen, we blame our poor souls. We forget that Allah is the Ultimate Decision Maker.

Remember Abraha? The man from Abyssinia? The one who had almost destroyed the Ka'aba? The one with the companions of the elephant?  Does Mahmud ring a bell? He was the largest elephant in the army but was made unable to destroy the Ka'aba and wouldn’t move a foot. The destruction of the Ka’aba seemed inevitable to the human mind but surah Al-fil explains how it turned out to be a great failure.

Picture Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqaas at Median with no means to cross over the river and reach the palace of Chosroes, where the Persians had sought refuge. The Muslims were vulnerable to the Persian boat attacks and after seeing a vision, he and the Muslim army decided to cut through the water. Wading on horseback, they said, “We seek help from Allah and we rely entirely upon Him. Allah suffices us for everything and He is the most excellent guardian. There is neither might nor Power except with Allah!" The scheme turned out very successful as they conquered the palace. Sa'ad and Salman Al Farsi were no less amazed at their success. Despite the fact they were disadvantaged Allah provided a way for them, a solution perceived as unrealistic by the human mind.
Tigris River - Allah is the Ultimate Decision Maker
Tigris River

These two instances show that indeed, only Allah has the final decision. Regardless of what we do on our own we have to submit to his will. I have also come to this realisation more personally, so here is my story.

"Madam fare!"
"Madam fare!" My unresponsiveness was irritating the bus conductor. Suddenly I heard his voice louder and more vivid. I quickly handed over the bus fare. As the wind blew, I felt the skin under my eyes almost freeze. I snuck my fingers under my niqab to feel what was causing the chilly discomfort. I realised I was crying. It was an unconscious moment; I was deep in my thoughts. Every time I almost came back to reality my mind would pull me back into deep thought, only the beautiful sunset managed to bring me slowly back to conscious thought.

It had been a really trying two weeks for me. I received my calling letter to the university and a deadline of two weeks to report. It was beyond my means to raise the cash they required. It is important to note that I was already late by a year and most of my peers were already ahead of me. After I got the calling letter there were many mixed reactions inside my heart; I felt glad, scared and worried at the same time. After one week, I still had not raised the fees. On that Sunday I felt depressed, I felt my heart sink in as if it was heavy-laden. I got up, made two raka’at to Allah, and poured my heart out. I submitted myself totally to his will. I asked for inner peace to accept His decision, whatever it may be. Alhamdulillah I had support from my Muslim Sisters and Mothers. May Allah bless and grant us all Jannah Ameen ya Allah.

Monday and Tuesday were entirely stress-free, I did my Ibaadah properly with great concentration. I felt at peace and had accepted to wait and see Allah's decree. Alhamdulillah 'alaa kulli haal, all praise and thanks are due to Allah in all circumstances. On Wednesday an Aunty, Fatma, called me and requested me to fill out some forms. I did as per her request and submitted them on time. On Thursday I had gotten some fees for the course. Aunty Fatma called me and asked me to meet her and it was there that she presented the final check.  She was smiling when I got there and I was simply awed Allah had done this for me. All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. He had granted me patience all through and granted me a chance to go to university after a boost in my iman.


It is fundamental to remember, always, that patience is a condition for success.

"O you who believe, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear ALLAH that you may be successful"
Al Imran: 200
No matter what happens trust in Allah, be patient and obey Him. Inshaa Allah, He will make a way for you in every impossibility. He is always by your side, open up to him.

Never forget Allah is the Ultimate Decision Maker.

Life is an ocean; sometimes it’s rough, sometimes it’s calm but in the end, it’s always beautiful!

"So do not weaken or grieve, and you will be superior if you are (true) believers"
Al Imran: 139

photo credit: CharlesFred via photopin cc


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