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The Poet and the Prophets 4 | Blog

Life Style








Then came Muhammad (s.a.w) to complete the diin,

To save all humanity from vice and sin.

Born an orphan but Allah granted him fame,

And even today, his is the most common name.


Rejected in his land they all called him crazy,

Just coz he spoke the truth they broke into a frenzy,

He went through a lot, even hit by stones,

Went through a lot of pain worse than broken bones.


He lived with patience and was granted Medina.

The city of peace,

From all vice he was its cleaner.

From there they built; to ten thousand they spread,

And marched into Makkah not a drop of blood was shed.


Islam got to us through their struggles,

The sahaba fought hard they went through wrangles.


Finally, to wrap up, Islam got to you,

You have it printed in your soul...


But what do you plan to do…?


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