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The Poet and the Prophets 3 | Blog

Life Style






Then came Jesus the son of Mary,

Boy does his story come like those tales of a fairy,

The messiah he was,

Sent to be king of the land,

Little did he know their plot to bury him in the sand.


His birth itself came as a miracle,

As stated in the Qur’an not from some oracle,

Born only by a mother -no father in sight,

Spoke at infancy,

Words from Allah and full of insight.


He grew up pious; the poor he fed,

Allah gave him miracles,

Even raised some from the dead.

This came alarming to the rulers of the land,

Out of jealousy, all his actions were banned.


They decide now to nail him to the cross,

To show him this time who really was boss.

Allah took him and rose him to the heaven,

Definitely up there he had a safe haven.



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