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The Sad Demise of my Christian Brother | Blog


I write this article, with tears trickling down my eyes for I have lost a brother who was so dear to me that he was more like my limb.

I call upon all of you born in Islam, to take a minute of silence and celebrate the blessing of being born a Muslim.

Collins was that brother who would call you out of the blue and tell you just how much he loved and missed you, and what a special person you were to him, I will surely miss those phone calls.  Every Monday and  Wednesday, I would leave school at 9 pm, and being the caring brother that he was he would come and drive me home and then go to his house thereafter. I will miss that selfless nature of his as well. He was the only person who would drive me to my destination and I could sleep all the way, that’s how much I trusted his driving. He was my children’s mentor, the life of the party, my children, friends and family will miss him too.

When I became a Muslim, he was the only family member who did not criticize me and he was always the first person to wish me Saum Maqbul and Idd Mubarak. He would always remind me of my prayer time, and because of lack of Islamic knowledge, he would always remind me earlier or later than the actual time and I always told him that he needed to be a Muslim so that he could know the actual timings, and we would laugh about it. Of all my siblings, I knew this one would embrace Islam, because he loved Islam and he had so many nice things to say about Islam to friends and family. He even wore a kanzu that I had bought for him upon his request. However, it was not in his Qadar (decree) He died a Christian and that is why I write this article.

Sadness and emptiness grips me within my soul, knowing very well that I cannot pray for him neither will we ever meet again. It tears me apart amidst my patience and that is why I would like to remind those born in the religion to be sincerely grateful to Allah today and all the days of your life knowing that it is from Allah’s greatest mercies that you were born in Islam.  I beg you all to sincerely speak to Allah today and thank him from the bottom of your hearts for this wonderful blessing. Alahmdullilah alanemat Islam, AND I STILL CANNOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. A MUSLIM I AM AND A MUSLIM I REMAIN.


I love you all my sisters and brothers in Islam,




photo credit: inallhonesty.wordpress.com


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