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The Poet and the Prophets 2 | Blog

Life Style




Then came Moses to Banu Israel in Misri,

To many of us this story comes as a mystery,

Just read the Quran you will find the truth,

Don’t just believe anyone preaching from a booth,


He had to flee his land, his body full of pain and aches,

Then sent back by Allah with the miracle of snakes,

He did all this in front of firaun,

He couldn’t speak so he chose his brother Harun,


Despite the signs he declared himself lord,

And all that opposed him were punished by the sword,

Thus Moses had to flee with his people,

Didn’t matter who; young, old, strong and cripple,


All the excitement soon came to an end,

When they met the sea,

Their plan had a bend,

Allah almighty then split the sea,

Making it easy for the people to flee,

This so clear to firaun, he frowned,

Charged to the sea and his whole army drowned…


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