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Part IV

2011 was also the same year that I first got my hands on some Islamic literature. I cannot recall the title of the particular book that I read, but I got so engrossed in it I could not let go. The language used by the author, Fetullah Güllen, was intriguing; so juicy that it captivated not only my mind but soul too. I was reading to satisfy my bored mind during leisure time; however, it helped break the wall of misconceptions in my mind. I would reflect on the rights minorities are given in Islam and apply them as a leader.
As the year went on, I would borrow IRE books from my classmates to read merely as a pastime and to understand why the Muslims were aloof to practices we modern teens found pleasure in.

However, it was not until later that I truly appreciated the values I had read about…

To be continued...

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photo credit: Starehe Girls' Centre


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