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The Journey [dublicated-6] | Blog


Part VII

Finally, I was done with high school and out into to the world to continue my Journey in life. I was glad to be home and not have school rules; sleeping all day was fun at first but the joy didn’t last long. It wasn't in my nature to be so lazy, I was used to seeking knowledge. I had overrated the joy completing school would bring; instead it had left me hollow. All this time my purpose in life was to study and nothing more. It struck me that I was not in the safety of school with its rules and all these temptations around were going to destroy me if I didn’t act fast.

I decided to seek refuge in an area I had already discovered; Islam. I started in Facebook.  I learned about tawheed in a group. It was amazing to find a belief system with no intermediaries between God and myself. Nobody forced me to join Islam in the group. I chatted with a Sister from Morocco and she clarified some doubts for me. I didn't want to rush into anything, even though I was convinced beyond doubt that Islam was the true religion. I wanted to be sure of exactly what I was getting in to.

I still hesitated…


To be concluded, Inshaa Allah...


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photo credit: Starehe Girls' Centre


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