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Final abode... a path you choose from the dunya and attain through Allah’s Rahma, the one full of justice. Nothing less will you be given by working for Akhirah and to say we deserve it is wrong. Moreover, to say we can fully explain it is an understatement. None of us can do justice to this topic but we can only try to understand that which we have been told...

Jannah is a destination, towards it is full of difficulties so much so Angel Jibril told Allah ST “I fear no one will entre it.”

Abu Hurairah [ra] narrated that the Messenger of Allah [saw] said:
"When Allah created Jannah and Hellfire, He sent Gabriel to Jannah, saying, ‘look at it and at what I have prepared therein for its inhabitants.’ So Gabriel went to it and looked at it and at what Allah had prepared therein for its inhabitants. Then Gabriel returned to Allah and said, ‘By Your glory, no one hears of it without entering it.’ So Allah ordered that it be encompassed by forms of hardship, and He said, ‘Return to it and look at what I have prepared therein for its inhabitants! So, Gabriel returned to it and found that it was surrounded by forms of hardship. Then he returned to Allah and said, ‘By Your glory, I fear that no one will enter it, Allah said, ‘Go to Hellfire and look at it and at what I have prepared therein for its inhabitants.’ Gabriel found that it was in layers, one above the other. Then Gabriel returned to Allah and said, ‘By Your glory, no one who hears of it will enter it.’ So Allah ordered that it be surrounded by lusts. Then He said, ‘Return to it and Gabriel returned to it and said, ‘By Your glory, I am frightened that no one will escape from entering it.’

[at-Tirmidhi, abu Dawud and An-Nasa'i]

Such is Jannah, so much difficulty in attaining it. But what is that which we know about Jannah that drives us towards striving for it? Welcome to the journey through Jannah ... just a glimpse, enough to create awareness of what we are striving for and a reward for those who worked in the way of righteousness.

Allah says in Quran 5; 119

Allah will say, "This is the Day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness." For them are gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever, Allah being pleased with them, and they with Him. That is the great attainment.

To those who followed the truth to that which Muhammad SAW called us to and firmly believed and strove to please their Lord, for them are gardens beneath which rivers flow. How Merciful Allah is; we are constantly sinning yet just striving for His sake we get gardens and mansions beyond us. With all that which we ever desired, multiplied in quantity and quality. This is indeed true success.

We always yearn for real estate, but the real estate in Jannah you can’t comprehend. You can build yourself mansions at your own leisure in this dunya and get it in the hereafter. It’s as simple as building a masjid for Allah’s sake or even praying 12 rakkats of Sunnah a day. These mansions are lofty and high made of bricks of Gold and silver. Its colours spectacular and its arrangement magnificent.

In it are cushions unlike what you have seen and beneath rivers flowing. Now this is absurd to the human mind. You have within wives so beautiful that their beauty would light the heavens and the earth, their scent we would all smell and the scarf on their head better than everything in this world. So enticing they are you would stare at them for 40 years. They are pure just for you. If you really think the women of this world strike your heart, work for Jannah and get to see that which will melt you in comfort.

[Sura As-Sâffât (37):40-48]

“And with them will be chaste females, restraining their glances (desiring none except their husbands), with wide and beautiful eyes; (Delicate and pure) as if they were (hidden) eggs (well) preserved.”

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Every man who enters paradise shall be given 72 (seventy-two) houris; no matter at what age he had died, when he is admitted into paradise, he will become a thirty-year-old, and shall not age any further. A man in paradise shall be given virility equal to that of one hundred men.” [Tirmidhi, vol. 2 states on page 138]

This is the wonderful promise of Allah ST and Allah fulfils all His promises... isn’t this something we should yearn for and strive no matter what? Isn’t this the kind of luxury we all yearn for? Then which is that that makes us not pray for his Rahma and His Jannah?

Not only shall this but you have clothes astonishing in every sense remarkable in its design...

Allah says in    [Hajj, 22: 23-24]

“Allah will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds to gardens beneath which rivers flow, they shall be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments therein will be silk. They have been guided in this life to good speech, and they have been guided to the path of Him, the All Praised.”

As though this is too much already, you have maids always ready to serve you, your every wish is granted at the wink of your eye. No stress no worry of wasting time, no getting sick, no work just luxury at its peak.

Peace and tranquillity everywhere. No Hasad or envy, no grudges; nothing but bliss. This is the promise of Allah for those who strive in his way and do good. It is a gift we all want and a life we all yearn for. Where you are young, beautiful and happy forever.

[Hijr, 15: 45-48]

“The righteous will be amid gardens and springs. (They will be greeted), ‘Enter here in peace and security.’ And we shall remove from their hearts any lurking sense of injury. (They will be) brothers facing each other on thrones. There no sense of fatigue shall touch them, nor shall they (ever) be evicted.”

More and more could be said ... but this is a glimpse of what Jannah entails. Its exquisiteness and brilliance. No vocabulary could describe it as Allah himself says so, so who are we to debate this.

Abu Hurairah [ra] reported that the Messenger of Allah [saw] said that Allah [swt] said:
“I have prepared for my righteous servants what no eye has seen and no ear has heard, nor has it occurred to the human heart. Thus, recite if you wish, ‘And no soul knows what joy has been kept hidden for them.”’
[Sahih al-Bukhari, Muslim, at-Tirmidhi, and ibn Majah, Surah Al Sajdah, 32: 17]

But before this is the test of this world which we should pray to Allah to ease for us. It is a test and we have to rise to the occasion and conquer the small devils within us and outside us.

The price of Jannah is not cheap. As we struggle through this bumpy road, may Allah make this life easy for us and grant us Jannah by His Rahma. He is the Guider of all may He guides us to that which he loves... amen.


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