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My First Sajdah | Blog


I reverted to Islam 10 years ago. Many of the questions asked by those whom you meet in the religion and those you leave on the other side include:

What attracted you to Islam?

Who told you about Islam? Was it a book you read? Was it a Man?  And similar questions to mention but a few. But no one ever asked me about my first Sajdah, and that is what I would like to share.

 I resonated with the Creed and the Tenets of Islam were fully accepted by my heart, however I brought along with me beliefs that still felt comfortable, for lack of a better word. So I said in my little heart that praying 5 times was too much and my morning and evening prayer would be sufficient, resonating with my limited mind that I will have given Allah my first and last part of the day.  The memory of my first Sajdah is so vivid in my mind. It is as if it was yesterday. It was mind blowing and no words can sincerely describe that moment. I felt so much Love, Connection, Bonding, Humility and Mercy from Allah and Peace with the Universe. The experience was so fulfilling and satiating that I felt the sweetness of Iman that no money can buy, and it was in that moment and time that I knew I would love to have that experience 5 times a day.

My next write up will be on my first day to wear the Hijab.


Asalam aleykum

Maryam Kibunja


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