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Trials | Blog


Sometimes you just sit alone wondering what your life is all about. You try searching within yourself to get a clear understanding of where your life is headed. You have so many questions of what you are going through. You feel as though your thoughts are a haystack and you are trying to find the “needle” of direction.

You feel worse than a man who lost all his belongings in the desert. You feel confused, lost and worst of all, sad! You feel so hopeless and useless as though you have no place on earth. We spend hours and hours crying, thinking so hard of the pain and affliction we are going through. Sometimes we feel like there is definitely no hope for us at all. We feel like a broken car with neither a working engine nor a steer to take us forward.

We often find ourselves thinking our problems are way bigger than the world and we are almost sure that we are the only ones troubled with such calamities. We forgot that the loss of Rasulullah (saw), the light of humanity and compass for all, was the biggest calamity to befall us. We fail to see beyond what the heart feels and forget that even a broken car can be taken to a garage to be remade anew.

We have to understand as an Ummah all the trials we go through, and fitnah, are only solved by following the Quran and Sunnah. Nothing else -no president, no IMF, no world bank can come to your rescue if these two essentials are missing in your life. No psychologist will solve your problems. Only Allah, the Turner of hearts can give us the desired emotional, physical and mental stability we are looking for.

We need to learn through our problems or the difficulties we go through in life, to see beyond what the heart feels and realize that Allah does not burden a soul beyond its scope. With our intellect, we are obliged to see the beauty in the tests we go through; for surely we will be tested with our wealth, children, spouses, and knowledge.  We need to know that the condition of a believer is full of amazement for everything whether good or bad benefits them.

This world is nothing but amusement and a play. It slowly fades away and benefits none except the one who uses it as a means and not an end. That’s easier said than done right? For this is a long term struggle that only ends with death. Don’t for a single moment think that you will live a life of ease and luxury without no tests for surely these purify you and get the best out of you. Like when you eat food and it is separated and worked on by enzymes to get the nutrients that will nourish your body; tests bring out the best in you at all times. Yet few understand.

We have niimas (bounties and blessings) upon niimas, but one problem becomes too big and over shadows all the other blessings we have. One problem can take away all the Hamd (gratitude to Allah) from our limbs. Let us not lose hope, for Allah is with those who believe. Take a problem as an opportunity to get closer to Allah and not an opportunity to question His will. Let’s revive our hearts with the with the beauty of Deen.

Every tree needs water to grow, so does the tree of our Iman. We need to water it and strengthen its roots to withstand the any storm. With strong Iman we shall all succeed with the greatest success of Jannah.


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