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The Journey [dublicated -8] | Blog


Part I

A journey begins with one step. Moreover, I believe the motivation to travel determines the speed of the journey. My journey began in the darkness of depression due to a lack of answers and disappointments from everyone I grew up, around since my parents died while I was young. I went to Sunday school in search of all the answers. I was baptised out of my own liking, unlike all the other kids in the Catechism class. I was eleven then. I loved God as my best friend. I would talk to him as I walked to primary school and cry to him, I had no one but Him.

When I joined high school I felt lonelier than ever. I felt so low it started affecting my health. At this point my spiritual beliefs were of no use. I knew I had to do something before my sadness went further and decided to become a girl guide. I met a Muslim there and became friends and I met many more after. I was happy girl guiding with her; she was kind and like family. My Sikh friends had challenged my beliefs, but it was a Muslim classmate that really got me thinking. I believed in God, I just wasn’t sure about Jesus.

The last thing I needed was to start thinking of Islam...


photo credit: Starehe Girls' Centre


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