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A joint venture; As-Salam Brothers and the Team A joint venture; As-Salam Brothers and the team

I expected to pick up litter, cleanup the surrounding streets and trim some overgrown vegetation with the team from and As-Salaam Brothers.

I did not expect to have so much fun doing it.

From meeting new brothers to toiling in the rain to picking up the most random things (we dug up a full jacket!) and getting a new understanding for the proverb (All goes down Gutter Lain)

RIGHT: A glove after the work in the gutter contrasted with a clean one                                                                                                Slashing all excess greenery
LEFT: A glove after working on the gutter contrasted with a clean one.  RIGHT: Slashing all excess greenery

However beneath all the fun was an underlying issue of sanitation that at times feels endemic to the Muslim Community. The dirt may not have been littered by Muslims, but as Muslims, we should be more aware of our personal hygiene and the cleanliness of our environment, particularly  when the rubbish environs a Masjid.

Results: Before and After. A difference yes?

With that said,  we'd be more than willing to initiate another clean up in an area near you.


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