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God Consciousness | Blog


We are always complaining how bad life is or rejoicing how awesomeness. We are either explaining the hard difficult times or the good flowery moments we are going through.

We go about to mere human beings telling it all. We tell how we fear that our boss might underpay us, how we fear what will happen to our children after we die, how we feel hopeless that our children are astray and that they will not change  or the fear of what people think about us.  All these fears or problems we have with our thoughts arise due to one problem quite inherent in the human nature.

We always see our problems as huge and that we are the ones dealing with every roadblock and every storm. We always have this fancy imagination that when we succeed it came from our dedication and hard work. When things go wrong we start asking why me? Why do I have to go through this? We always have such things to say about different occurrences in life. But we are failing in the consciousness of Allah the All Mighty.

We blindly walk strive and go about our day-to-day lives. No, I do not mean we are literally blind but rather our eyes aren’t able to comprehend the material life. The lamp of flesh in us that we constantly need to set straight is going blind. It’s in the ICU, blind and unconscious of Allah’s presence. Our hearts are almost failing because we failed to worship Allah as though we see Him and if not, as though He sees us.

We have failed to see the wisdom behind every trial and be among the Mutawakileen. We have become ignorant and arrogant. We have thought so highly of this world forgetting that clinging to it only makes you a slave to its inhabitants. We think an employer is in charge of our Rizq and forget Allah is the Sustainer.

We have failed to see the greatness of Allah even in calamities. Don’t we know everything in this world is a sign for those who believe so that they can exemplify the greatness of Allah? We have to internalize that Allah is the controller of all affairs; from sunrise to sunset, from the rain that comes down to the plants that grow from the earth, from the birth of a child to his death, every minute detail you could think of -He is the Controller. Never for a moment should we think we control anything in this world for we are mere human beings and our existence would not reduce the Oxygen content nor repair the ozone layer.

We as Muslimeen should implant the Greatness of Allah in our hearts and minds. Let us mend our thoughts and sew them in a manner that was shown to us by Rasul SAW for he is our example in every manner. It’s never too late to mend our calamity. Let us build a Jannah in this world for ourselves by being God conscious in every situation whether good or bad and try to understand the wisdom behind it. Indeed Allah is Most Merciful, Most forgiving. His doors are always open for anyone who knocks. We as mere beggars constantly need to knock and He, by His Greatness, will open countless doors for us.

We need to realize that at times storms can be a source of joy; it’s only for us to open our hearts and see why. Let’s see the why now before it’s too late, before our soul goes back to its Maker and our records stop.

Ya Allah the ones who fashioned our hearts souls and bodies,

The owner of everything and the controller of all affairs,

Guide our weak hearts towards your love.

Ya Allah open our hearts and eyes to that which is pleasing to you.

And make our return to you a joyous one for you are our Master and we are your slaves.



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