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Black Beauty | Blog


We are in a world where many people talk about women rights and gender equality. People investing their wealth and every bit of their energy to propagate for the rights of women across the world and as they do this I could not help but notice how concerned they are for the Muslim woman.

Some say the Muslim woman is oppressed under the command of a man, mistreated and at the mercy of her father, brother or husband. Some even go ahead and ignorantly say Islam oppresses women. They keep insisting on liberating the Muslim woman and giving her rights that they assume she doesn’t have.

If they are so concerned about me as a Muslimah, why are they blind to the state of their own women and the lifestyle they have taken? Women who have taken a life of being objectified and used by every man around. Merely appreciated for their body and that which accompanies it; they have become ordinary objects of satisfaction. Objects so common that everyone can “consume” them in the blink of an eye, literally. Their conclusions are driven by premises formed by the society around them; whether these conclusions are fallacies or not it does not matter as long as everyone else is satisfied. Is this really being free?

If this is the kind of freedom you think the Muslim woman needs, you are very wrong. The likeness of a Muslim woman cannot be compared to this. The reality of a Muslimah is quite different. It is the likeness of Nature, beautiful and serene on every level. Protected, preserved and respected by all. She is a rare mineral you can’t just find on the surface of the earth. She is on a safe plane that dignifies her and gives her freedom and rights as a human person.  The Plane of Islam that safeguards her from the hawks of the land. It has given her Izza, or status, by the will of the Most High.

Yet you keep talking about liberating me. All of you need to stop talking on my behalf for I have Islam that has already done this for me. Even if every solider of every nation came together to protect and liberate me, they would never match the standards that the Quran and Sunnah has given me. The liberation I have is beyond measure and you are simply unable to handle it hence you to try to destroy it.

Islam taught me 1435 years ago that I am not an object for public consumption nor am I a poster to advertise your cars, shops or clothes. Rather I am a dignified being with a mind, body and soul .A servant to the Creator and not creation. Defined by my intellect and morals. Free from the hooks of this world that many are hooked to.

Thank you for trying to liberate me but no thanks. I am as free as a bird in the air, don’t destroy the fresh air by silly interventions. I am very pleased with that which my Lord set forth for me. Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Islam.


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