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Will you love me? | Blog

Life Style

Will you, love me?


Love is yet to hold meaning in my life,


But even then,


This heart beats, blindingly calling out for your love,


I am no love guru,


But I know for sure it will never have meaning,


-meaning that I am yet to learn-


Without you in the triangle,


Because you, you are the perfect definition of love,


that is every single heart's desire in the universe!


Will you, Love me?


Your love, is home to this heart,


Fortress for my fears,


Solace when the moods are sombre,


For your love, my tears flow shamelessly,


Comfort for this blind, weary, love-seeking heart,


In your eyes, I want to reside,


And in your hands-Only in your hands,


can I secure this feeble heart,


Will you, Love me?


I have failed in the eyes of the world,


Do they love me?


Can’t be too sure,


Do I care?


You mean when they love me for them, - No thank you!


But what do I care?


It is Your love that I bleed for,


It is Your love, That I cannot live without,


And the world, They can keep hating for as long as my heart beats - For YOU


No love quote can describe a love so great and divine - Only hearts can feel


Will you, Love me?


For a love so solid, pure and crystalline,


I comfortably put the value of life itself to question,


Yes, I am saying that your love, Is worth much more than life itself,


So I my Lord, shall keep knocking on Your door of love,


For your name is love, and from You is Love!


Amidst all my faults, I shall never falter,


Because my Lord, Your love, is my life,


My life is for the day my face shall shine out of the magnificence of Your face my Lord,


That day when I shall stand just below your throne,


Look up to You,


 And hear you call out my name...


Will you, Love me?


Your love, I live for,


And if it means death,


Then let it be My Lord…


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