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Islam the Brand | Blog


The first thought that may have come to mind: 'Religion and Business, this don't sound good!' Before you pass anymore judgements though, it might be worthy to think about what business is at its core: and that is human relationships. The ability to build, maintain and exploit human relationships to pursue your goal.
When thinking about it this way, you can see that most of your life is a series of sales and business moments: getting your parents to buy you that toy/phone/console/etc.; convincing your parents that you are too sick to go to school and should get a sick day; attempting to get into a good college; interviewing for a job; getting that one lady that caught your eye to marry (remember: one glimpse only, second was after asking for permission); convincing your child that going to school is good; and many other situations. These are all situations where you are selling something to someone in return for their acknowledgement or action. 
So back to our topic: Islam the Brand. Islam is a brand and like any brand it needs to be defined by the people that represent it. If not, every Tom, Dick and Harry will apply their own understanding of what it is, which is exactly what is happening now. The principal agents and representatives of Islam have left the brand of Islam believing that somehow it shall self perpetuate and defend itself in the face of all the accusations and labels that are brought against it. And who are these people? It is you and I, all Muslims whose duty is to seek knowledge and spread it among humanity.
You would probably agree with me that Islam is beautiful, if you do not maybe you should do a bit more research. A way of life, in which your every action has a precedent set by the Prophet (SAW). The richness of the religion and the history of Islam, the amazing characters and their stories are an inspiration to what the Ummah can be -- if, we abide by true teachings of the Quran and sunnah. Once one is acquainted with such you will fall in love with what Islam really is and you will want to present to the world the true brand of Islam. 
So take a moment to learn and understand, it is time you will not regret investing.
Part of our mission here at Ummah.co.ke is to take ownership of the brand Islam. And will shall try to the best of our abilities and through the guidance of Allah to bring forth the beauty of the religion by abiding to its rules while manifesting through our actions what we should be doing as Muslims. We hope that you will join us, guide us and empower us in our journey so that the Ummah can be where it should be.
An initial activity is the Clean up at Masjid Salaam South C, we hope you can join us and be part of Brand Islam.
Eventbrite link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/clean-up-day-around-masjid-salaam-mugoya-south-c-tickets-9272886453


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