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No, not the TV show, I am talking about you and I. From the moment we wake up we do not have a moment to ourselves. The first thing we do is switch off the alarm, which more often than not happens to be our phones. And even before we manage to get away from the clutches of the quilt we first swipe down the notifications menu on our phone to see if we've missed anything! Even before the advent of modern technology we rarely lived life, we rarely were present, it's just that it is worse now with the facilitation of distractions.

We might be breathing and full of health but rarely conscious. We are rarely present in the moment, we are always worrying about the future and the past. Rarely are we actually immersed in whatever we are doing 100%. For me this only happens when I am playing football, it is my happy place and I am sure you also have your own activity where you level of concentration is at it's maximum. And this attitude is what we need to transfer to the rest of our lives. In order for us to be more successful and happy, yes happy, in everything that we do we need to take more of this attitude and apply it. This way we will be better at what we do, enjoy the moment and act of doing it as well as have a much deeper thought process which is where we can learn and even innovate further.

The dua for waking up epitomizes this attitude: 'All praise is for Allah, who gave us life after having taken it from us, and unto Him is the Resurrection.' If you begin your day with this act of consciousness, understand that you are indeed lucky to be alive today and maintain this attitude throughout the day you will undoubtably have a much more fruitful day.

Think about it this way, if this were your last day on Earth would you:
  • really hold a grudge for what someone did to you, or would you forgive them knowing you may never have the chance to?
  • continue complaining about the job you love to hate or would you make a choice to either find a way to enjoy it or choose another path?
  • think twice about being kind to as many people as possible, or would you like to go out on a positive note?
  • forget to call, hug or kiss your loved ones? (the ones you're actually allowed to hug or kiss of course)
To learn more about how one can work better at being conscious, you can read 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle and enjoy living your life CONSCIOUSLY.

If you have any tips of how to live in a more conscious way we would love to hear from you, share below.


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