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Welcome to Ummah.co.ke . Founded by three young dreamers from Nairobi: Hyder, Hassan &  Karagania; and supported by the team from  Mosaq Partners.

Ummah.co.ke seeks to fill a void in the Kenyan Muslim community by providing  informative and entertaining information on how to better live our lives in the dunya.
We started this adventure because Islam is not just a name or a badge that we should wear; it is a way of life. The lack of content tailored to the local Muslim community has  been a major bane to all of us and thus we believe that this is the least that we could do to help & guide our brothers & sisters in humanity live their lives. We dwell less on where you put your arms for swalah but rather explore the day to day issues that face us while sharing the stories and experiences of notable people of both past and present in order to inspire us to a greater future.

We are excited to be on this journey and we look forward to hearing from you as well as working with you in order to provide only the best content for the people of Kenya.

A unique community is in the making now.


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